P2 Programs - Software Updates

The Rules
If you are currently a user of the package(s) listed below, you may download maintenance updates to your software packages. If you don't already own the package you are trying to download, the package will not run or install properly.

Download ProcedureYou must download the update file to your local hard drive. After you have downloaded the file to your local hard drive, start the installation process by double clicking on the saved file.

As with any update, you should backup all your existing files before installing the update. Once the update is installed you should "Correct File Structures, All Tables" first and then "Rebuild Indexes, All Tables".

Steel Tracking System, Version (95/98/NT/2000/XP/W7/W10)

  Steel Tracking System (Job site, full & RF)
If you do not have your password (and they do change with each update posted to this site) to unlock the software update(s), send us an email (or give us a call) and we will supply you with your update password if you are on maintenance.

Third Quarter, 2018 Full Update (2018.10.10)
STS 2018 Q3b Full Updateupdate posted 2018.10.25 (FabSuite Installations require Ver 18.0.r03 or greater)

First Quarter, 2018 Full Update (2018.04.01)
STS 2018 Q1 Full Updateupdate posted 2018.05.31

first Quarter, 2017 Full Update (2017.05.10)

Fourth Quarter, 2016 Full Update (2016.11.08)

third Quarter, 2016 Full Update (2016.09.20)

First Quarter, 2016 Full Update (2016.04.04)

THIRD Quarter, 2015 Full Update (2015.10.31)

SECOND Quarter, 2014 Full Update (2014.06.30)

Third Quarter, 2013 Full Update (2013.11.12)

Second Quarter, 2012 Full Update (06.29.2012)

Second Quarter, 2011 Full Update (06.13.2011)

Third Quarter, 2010 Full Update (11.02.2010)

First Quarter, 2010 Full Update (02.14.2010)